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As you will find I'm a pretty direct communicator. We say we are happy to work with any budget and we mean it! So don't be afraid of making a budget and sticking to it. As a florist, I can help you understand what floral fits inside the budget if I know what we are shooting for. Without this basic building block, we are not starting off in a good place. The first comment or question I get is "I have no idea what my budget should be!"....so here is some sage advice. When you are formulating, dreaming, or planning the day, Prioritize. Where do you want to spend your budget? What are your goals for your floral? Do you want to splurge on ceremony décor, or centerpieces, or BOTH?! Is your ultimate goal to be as economical as possible? (That's totally fine, but be honest from the beginning.) Is your event the social event of the season? Sweet, let's do this. Either way is cool with us, so is middle of the road! We firmly believe that no one wedding, or person fits in a box. Everything we do is custom! We have events all over town for hippies, socialites, hipsters, girls next door, boys next door....we embrace anyone in love and getting married!

Here is a very generic bracket...this is a good concept, but few people are all one bracket. 

Cost Estimates


begins at


middle of the road

begin at




This is a budget based on getting the biggest bang for your buck. Typically, you don't have a preference on what kind of blooms are used as long as something is on the table in the form of a centerpiece and you have a bouquet and/or boutonniere. This type of budget lends itself to smaller simple centerpieces, a greenery based look, or economical blooms.

This budget represents a couple that likes to splurge in some areas, but not all areas. A lot of people fall into this category. Plan on being able to see some Pinterest concepts, but don't get ideas of grandeur unless you are willing to fall into the next bracket!

This is where some BIG things happen...Tall extravagant centerpieces (at least on some tables), extra areas like bathrooms, impressive ceremony floral, lush lounge area floral, more than basic cocktail arrangements and so on...really in this category the sky is the limit and floral can drip from the rafters.... plan on a budget closer to the rafters to make floral happen EVERYWHERE.


Ultimately your budget can be whatever you want it to be. It is ALL about getting the budget and the vision on the same page. Know now, when you are planning, that most of what you see on Pinterest is Luxury. Don't despair....we can get creative to fit some of your ideas into any budget. Just be realistic and honest with us and yourself about what you really want to spend on and where you want to save. This will save us all from talking about peonies for 2 hours if you can only afford carnations. We like to think of floral on a ladder, Peonies at the top and Carnations at the base....Carnations can be a great way to strech the budget, and I could show you some varieties you would never guess are economical!  

This is general, basic information. A lot of folks fall in between brackets. The best advice I have, is to have a general direction of where you want to go. Then fill out our questionnaire, and let's get the ball rolling. We are here to help, and can take the information you have to start with and help you start filling in the details! For those of you who can't get enough information, I will attach some links for more reading on the subject!

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